Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm alive & 25% there

I can't believe how busy life can get! Not even enough time to drop a couple lines on the blog.

But on the subject of running...last last weekend I returned to the Silver Comet and ran 7 miles without stopping. I have now tied the most miles I've run in one day. (I used to run 7 mile at high school track practice). And 7 miles is a little over 25% of the way there to the marathon. I just keep plugging away!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, since I went to the beach), last week wasn't very fruitful on the running front, and this week may not be either since it's going to rain a bit...we'll see!

Friday, May 16, 2008

he makes me angry

I don't have time to really go into it but I just have to vent! Obama makes me so angry!

Bush goes over to Israel and gives a good speech. And Obama is so full of himself that he thinks the speech is all about him. It's not! Clearly he hasn't read it.

Then he has to go & "blast" (to use CNN's word) John McCain and Bush and tells Americans that they're not telling us the truth. He makes me so angry! He doesn't know what the truth is. He can't see past himself. The world revolves around him. Ugh. Makes me sick to my stomach. I don't understand how duped Americans can be to believe what he says.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

when life is crazy

So I have been remiss in posting lately...I have plenty to blog about, but just copious amounts of work & life to deal with.

Pictures are coming for the Hope 5K...we forgot a digital camera so they're on actual film. So allow time for developing.

Have eaten out a lot lately, so reviews are coming!

I'm sure there will be much to talk about with the last couple primaries happening. And as Tatay pointed out, the Ron Paul Revolution is far from over!

And I have a lot to say about fasting...

So...stay tuned!

Monday, May 12, 2008

in it to win it

I don't understand why all the Democrats want Hillary to drop out. It's like Democrats love to settle for mediocrity.

Hillary is leading by huge amounts in polls in Kentucky & West Virginia. Sure, they may not be worth huge amounts of delegates, but doesn't that say something to the Democrats? Like...Obama is NOT the overwhelming favorite? And if he were to go head to head with John McCain, he may fare WORSE than Hillary?

But no...the Democrats just want the race to end. They're feeling the heat because the Republicans are done. But I just feel like, if I was a Democrat, I'd want to make absolutely sure the right nominee, the people's choice, was elected. Hillary's got some steam left and people are still voting for her. If Michigan and Florida hadn't broken the rules, Hillary would be winning right now. I feel like the Democrats are being awfully hasty.

Of course, that's probably a good thing for Republicans. I just worry about America sometimes. I want everyone to be smart, but maybe that's asking for too much.

Friday, May 9, 2008

the last 5K

Tomorrow I will be running my last 5K of the year! Crazy right? Time goes by so incredibly fast...and I can't believe that from here, it's only getting longer & longer!

How do I feel at this turning point...relieved & scared all at the same time. These 5Ks, while not really hard, have definitely taken a toll on my training schedule & my social life. I usually reserve the weekend for my long runs, but when you have a short, fast, early morning run, you don't really feel like doing much else. That in combination with having to block out my Friday nights & Saturday days, missing out on fun times with friends, makes me really really glad that I don't have any more races for a while! And that from here on out, they're few & far between.

But then that leaves me a little scared...it's an very uphill battle from here til next January. No looking back! No more easy 5K runs...onward & upward. Starting next week, I don't even have 5K runs in my training schedule. Yikes!

Anyway it's the 5th Annual Hope Springs Eternal 5K. I'm not too sure on the details, I'm running it & Turner covered the registration fee. A co-worker convinced me to sign up for it...and now she can't even do it, haha. But, it will be fun! A good cause and I have to appreciate corporate responsibility.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sara hall

Cool training tips from an aspiring Olympian:

Changing Speeds to Go the Distance from the New York Times

Monday, May 5, 2008

another one

Another great article on the timing & doubletalking of Obama...by Glenn Beck.

Friday, May 2, 2008

hold the phone

Before you start feeling rosy about Obama now that he's renounced Rev Wright, you need to read this article by Charles Krauthammer (awesome guy).

Not only is his rhetoric great, but just the first quote he uses from Obama makes you say "ohhh yeaaaaaah! he DID say that" and now he's saying something completely different.

Selected favorite parts:

"I can no more disown him (Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown my white grandmother."

-- Barack Obama, Philadelphia, March 18

At a news conference in North Carolina, Obama explained why he finally decided to do the deed. Apparently, Wright's latest comments -- Obama cited three in particular -- were so shockingly "divisive and destructive" that he had to renounce the man, not just the words.

What were Obama's three citations? Wright's claim that AIDS was invented by the U.S. government to commit genocide. His praise of Louis Farrakhan as a great man. And his blaming 9/11 on American "terrorism."

But these comments are not new. These were precisely the outrages that prompted the initial furor when the Wright tapes emerged seven weeks ago. Obama decided to cut off Wright not because Wright's words or character or views had suddenly changed. The only thing that changed was the venue in which Wright chose to display them -- live on national TV at the National Press Club. That unfortunate choice destroyed Obama's Philadelphia pretense that this "endless loop" of sermon excerpts being shown on "television sets and YouTube" had been taken out of context.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

review: bee's knees

Bee's Knees
date of visit: 4/25/08

taste: 4
service: 3
ambience: 5

This is one of my favorite places in Augusta. It's just so darn cute. We visited the Bee's Knees after the Blood Sweat & Tears concert (featuring Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night).

The weather was nice, so all the tables on the sidewalk were occupied. We were seated inside right by the window, which made for good people watching. We saw a couple mohawks & some hot pink hair. Inside is cozy, candlelit, fun art on the walls, exposed brick. Trendy but unassuming. Which is why I love it so much. You also get your money's worth, unlike many Atlanta tapas joints.

We hadn't eaten in about 10 hours, so we ordered a lot of food: cheese plate, calamari, shrimp yaki, vegetable tempura, tuna carpaccio, crab quesadilla, tiramisu. Oh yummmm. Everything was so good. The only thing we could complain about was that the calamari lacked some seasoning. Definitely could have used some more salt. My personal favorites of the night were the cheese plate (it had some swiss cheese. I usually dislike swiss cheese. But this swiss cheese was just amazing. Soft and yummy. And a perfect pair to the sliced apples) and the crab quesadilla. I'm getting so hungry just thinking about it. I also enjoyed a glass of the red sangria (they also have white).

Our server was nice and good at refilling our water often, and the food came out in rounds so it was fun guessing what was next.

I definitely recommend this place if you're in the area! Worth the trip downtown :)

Also Chuck Negron is a total rock star!

ron paul - back & better than ever

So yesterday I bought a couple more books: Power to the People (Laura Ingraham), Confessions of St. Augustine (St. Augustine), and Our Sacred Honor (Bill Bennett). I've actually been reading Our Sacred Honor, checked it out from the church library. It is so good though - excerpts from the Founding Fathers that give their thoughts on topics ranging from courage to education to courtship. Maybe I will start sharing a daily quote from it.

Anyway, today I see that Ron Paul has a book that has skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon. Intrigued, I had to check it out. Here's what I read in the "Surprise Me" excerpt off Amazon:

In a country with a political debate as restricted as ours, it is revolutionary to ask whether we need troops in 130 countries and whether the noninterventionist foreign policy recommended by our Founding Fathers might not be better. It is revolutionary to ask whether the accumulation of more and more power in Washington has been good for us. It is revolutionary to ask fundamental questions about privacy, police-state measures, taxation, social policy, and countless other matters.

This revolution, though, is not altogether new. It is a peaceful continuation of the American Revolution and the principles of our Founding Fathers: liberty: self-government, the Consitituion, and a noninterventionist foreign policy. That is what they taught us, and that is what we now defend.

It's called The Revolution: A Manifesto. I wish I had known about this book earlier, then I would have lumped it in to my book order from Amazon yesterday. But I am so intrigued and so excited about what I've read so far, that I think I will just have to buy it today. I hope Barnes & Noble has it!

I find Ron Paul so refreshing. I may not agree with his views on Iraq, but maybe he will change my mind.